Tap Tap Revenge Apk for Android

Tap Tap Revenge for Android is “coming soon.” That’s what we reported back in November…of 2008! More than two years later, Tapulous has finally delivered a Tap Tap Revenge Android app. (Android 2.1 or higher required.)
iPhone converts may recognize Tap Tap Revenge as the popular game that asks users to tap buttons in-sync with music and on-screen instructions. It’s like Guitar Hero or Dance, Dance, Revolution for your fingers. As Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” plays in the background, you have to tap or long press on corresponding buttons to keep the song going. Players earn points for accuracy and compete against others or their own top scores in Arcade mode.
Tap Tap Revenge Android includes four levels of difficulty for users to test their music skills. The app comes pre-loaded with a few songs and features downloads for new titles if users want to purchase upgrades. This is done through the in-app purchasing system that Google announced a short while ago, which just went live. A list of other features is below the install button.
Android users have waited on this for quite some time, so go ahead and download Tap Tap Revenge from the Android Market.

You can download apk here
Password : gotriogo.blogspot.com



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linknya error it -_-

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gan knp gbs d download?

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